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    Our Services
We offer the following services to the suppliers of the wood industry.
    Market representation.
Representation enables producers to gain a general understanding of their products’ destination market, making it possible for them to easily and quickly contact potential customers for their products.  These customers represent an important and reliable database that is made available to suppliers.  Customer knowledge is a decisive advantage for gaining a foothold in a market without the need for significant financial or time efforts, which is unthinkable in most cases for many small and medium-size producers who also sell their products simultaneously in other markets.  Market representation makes it possible to manage an experienced sales force from production centres, easily and at a limited cost.
    Market research
Market research for production companies makes it possible to obtain in-depth knowledge on specific markets.  A customised analysis is made of the: uses, potential, segment, product specifications, price, promotion, and product distribution.  This method is recommended before undertaking any significant actions in the market, whenever there is a need to have sufficient information before making any decision.  The extent of the market research depends on the amount of information requested.  

    Drafting and execution of market plans
Collaboration agreement with a supplier for the development of a market plan.  This implies defining an agreed strategy for the market: objectives, timetable, cost, and promotion plans, definition of actions to be implemented.  These are medium and long-term agreements representing a significant effort for achieving specific market targets.

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