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Opinions of our partners
    MADERAS FALOMIR Francisco Falomir
    We are pleased to state that we have maintained relations with the wood agency TUBBE y ASOCIADOS for many years.  In fact, this relationship dates back two generations, indeed, before our respective companies had adopted their current names.

   In all these years, the treatment we have received has always been correct and professional, responsible, mindful of customers  whenever this was necessary.  In our opinion, Tubbe y Asociados, represents sawmills that always provides guarantee of quality and service and, one of the characteristics worth highlighting at current times is that the company always respect their customers’ sphere of action without interfering in their possible markets.

    LUNDBERGS TRÄ AB Christer Lundberg
   Lundbergs Trä AB is a redwood and whitewood supplier that take care of its good and long-term business relations with agents and clients.
   TUBBE is one of these relations since 1969.

    MADERAS PETEIRO Agustín González
  We have been working with Tubbe y Asociados for many years.  During this time, we have had a close and professionally satisfactory relationship, transcending personal ties of friendship that we hope we will continue to maintain.

    We are a family enterprise with connections to AGRUMACA.  We have been importing wood for more than 25 years, particularly coniferous trees from Scandinavian countries.  We work regularly with TUBBE Y ASOCIADOS, S.L. and are very satisfied with their work, at the professional as well as the personal level.  

   TUBBE Y ASOCIADOS is a young-spirited company, dynamic, open to suggestions and opinions.  We often discuss the market situation, outlook for new products and new applications, or changes in the demand, as well as specifications and prices. We will continue to place our trust in TUBBE Y ASOCIADOS.

    MADERAS BALDO José Baldo
    In the years that we have been working together, we have always appreciated our commercial relationship with you (Tubbe & Asociados, S.L.) and have come to feel part of your company.  

    HERCOM Antonia Company
   From the start, our relationship with TUBBE Y ASOCIADOS, SL has been very satisfactory.  The conveniences the company provides whenever something unexpected occurs are among the aspects that we most appreciate. We therefore expect to continue working together in the future.

    MADERAS PORTU Estanislao Ubarrechena
   Since the seventies, our relationship with Tubbe and Associates has been correct and satisfactory.

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