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   TUBBE and FLIGHT TIMBERS (New Zeland) (05/09/2005)  
TUBBE and FLIGHT TIMBER (New Zeland) agreed to start a cooperation in the spanish market. The target is to increase the NZ Radiata Pine N01 Clears share in the furniture industry.
   Germany increase glulam share (29/07/2005)  
Germany increase its glulam share of the total spanish market. Swedish producers argue difficulies in transport. German suppliers are giving competitive delivery times.
   One million demonstrate against negotiations (04/06/2005)  
Around one million people demonstrated on Saturday 04/06/05 in Madrid against the negotiations with ETA supported by Socialist Governament. The demo was called by the Association of Victims of Terrorism (AVT).
   Floorings imported from Asia growing (23/05/2005)  
Wood-floor producers in Spain worried about the growing import from Asia
   Spain´s current-account deficit leaps 168% (17/05/2005)  
Spain´s current account deficit, which is the difference in payments with foreign countries for merchandise, services, rents, and transfers, jumped €7.35 billion in the first two months of 2005, 168% more than the amount for the same two months in 2004. The difference between January 2005 and 2004 was 413%.
   GMTC buys swedish sawmill Grangärde Ångsåg (10/05/2005)  
GMTC buys swedish sawmill Grangärde Ångsåg. The sawmill will be sold to Russia. It is the last of about ten swedish sawmills sold to Russia.
   John Paul II, our gratitude (02/04/2005)  
"This Pope’s close and compassionate personality, his firm denouncing of sin and capacity to welcome in the sinner, his empathy for men’s problems and the world’s problems, his fruitful and transforming commitment to human freedom and his own suffering, that became part of the Church from which he taught, made him an insuperable witness of humanity and an example of spirituality for both Catholics and non-Catholics. " www.libertaddigital.es
   Less demand of wood caused by imports from China (29/03/2005)  
Increase of imports of chinese furnitures cause less demand of wood from spanish furniture producers.
   Windstorm in the South of Sweden (02/02/2005)  
A windstorm in the South of Sweden has caused damage to an enormeus quantity of forest. The main part is spruce.
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